The Invite

posted 16th Nov 2015, 10:13 AM

The Invite
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16th Nov 2015, 10:13 AM


everything is ticking on nicely now, and you all can finally meet our leading lady, Fran.

We're really liking the idea of having little scraps of side story, world building and mythos under the comic strips, and we're hoping that it adds as much to the experience of the comic as we want it to, as there's so much story around the story, but we want you to be able to experience it all at once, rather than selling it to everyone in pieces. This world is rich.

We've even been figuring out what the people of the fantasy world would eat and what their music would sound like and are so excited to be able to present that to you all in the future pages.


“Little Brother”

“Momo, it hurts.”

“I know, Little Brother. I know. Come, sit down here.
Do you remember the stories grandpa told us when we were boys?”

“I miss Grandpa”

“I know, me too.
I’ve got a story for you. Would you like to hear it?”

“Story? Ow!”

“Shush, Little Brother. It’s ok. It’ll be done soon.
This story is about a boy made of stone”


“Yes. Stones and love.
A boy made of stones and love and who didn’t deserve what he got.”

“Oh. That’s sad”

“Yes it is, Little Brother. I think that, too.

This stone boy lived at the very tip top of a tall mountain. He was friends with the clouds and the birds and he sang whenever the wind blew. He wasn’t very big then, but he had lots of growing to do. He was happy being little, anyway. Being little, he could hide in the bushes and scare the brushrats.
The boy lived in a beautiful temple above the clouds, with his two older brothers and their grandpa. One of the brothers, the middle one, was made of fur and brave. He was kind, too, and he liked to play with the stone boy in the springs. The oldest brother was made of flowers and words. He was bossy and sometimes he made the stone boy do things he didn’t like doing. Like putting his leaf collection away.”


“I know, Little Brother. He was the oldest and he was bossy. But he loved the stone boy, and the stone boy loved him, too.
Their grandpa loved them, too. He was bossy as well, but he had lots of things to teach the boys, and lots of stories to tell them.
Together, they learned and grew and played on the mountain top, until they got a bit older.

Do you know what happened next?”

“Flowers come."

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