A Price for My Silence

posted 21st Dec 2015, 8:35 PM

A Price for My Silence
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21st Dec 2015, 8:35 PM


Goodnight, Little Brother - Part 5

“What next?”

“Well, the brothers were wandering for a long time, so they were all bigger now. And some more than others. The oldest brother didn’t get much bigger. The middle brother, made of fur and brave, got a lot bigger, and now he was as tall as the trees that they'd made. The stone boy, the youngest brother, was getting bigger and bigger, and even though he was still their little brother, he was bigger than the both of them put together. The trees were like those little white flowers now, and wherever he stepped the ground parted and made the hills and valleys.
He was too big to play with his brothers now, but they could sit on his shoulders and tell him stories, or look out over the world they’d made together.

As time went on and on, the flowers became meadows, the trees became forests and the crawling things grew and became walking things. And still the Stone Boy grew. Every step he took created the canyons and the mountains, and when he stepped on one of the walking things, his tears formed into the lakes and rivers. “This is a beautiful world,” he thought, “but I can’t take a step without ruining it.”

“That’s sad, too, Momo.”

“I know, little brother. I know. Now, let me finish the story.

The three brothers mostly kept away from all of the different walking things. They knew that they should leave them to grow on their own, but it became harder and harder for the Stone Boy to do anything without hurting them. He knew that they were scared of him.
And scared they were, until one day,when all the walking things came together and decided to get rid of the brothers. They all gathered with their clubs and their stone hammers, and took the oldest brother, the one made of flowers and words. He didn’t give up without a fight, mind you, but there were so many of them, he didn’t stand a chance.”

“What happened next? Was he hurt?”

“No. No, he wasn’t. It wasn’t really him they were after. They were scared, but they knew that he wasn’t really a threat to them. The Stone Boy tried to help, but he was just too big. He was so big, he could hardly see his oldest brother, let alone save him. So the middle brother came to the rescue.
He came to their camp with his hammer and he fought for three days and rescued his older brother. He didn’t hurt all of the walking things. That wasn’t what he wanted at all. But he had to hurt some of them, and he walked away with his brother in his arms and a tear in his eye that day.
Now, the walking things were afraid of him, too.
“Aha!” thought the Stone Boy. “I think I know what is going on here. My oldest brother has his special words, so he is the creator. My middle brother saved him, so he must be the protector. Wow, they are very special indeed.”

After he had saved the oldest brother, the middle brother called a meeting with the walking things. They were very scared of him, but there were warriors among them, and they respected him very much, so they trusted him and came to talk. They told him of their fear of the Stone Boy, and of how their camps keep getting flattened where the Stone Boy stepped. They knew what needed to be done, and the middle brother knew, too.

The middle brother left the meeting with yet another tear in his eye that day. He knew he was the protector of the world, and that the world needed protecting from his little brother. He came to see his older brother in his flower garden, full of beautiful white flowers, just like the one that was given to the Stone Boy all those years ago, and they talked about what needed to be done.”

“What was that?”

“Well, Little Brother, that part of the story hasn’t quite been written yet.”


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26th Dec 2015, 6:49 AM


Hey, I saw your webcomic being mentioned together with mine by Tom from Killsixbilliondemons at his tumblr account and decided to check it out. Hope to see where this goes.

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2nd Jan 2016, 1:14 PM


Hi Nicky, thanks for the message! Just checked out yours, too. All good stuff! Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment. December has been a pretty crazy month for us.

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