It's been well overdue getting this up, but here it is: the creative team behind The Bloom Saga



Colin and Mark Ferbrache 
Twin brothers and partners in crime, Colin and Mark are the writers of The Bloom Saga and forever grateful to Spell for bringing it to life.
Both hail from Guernsey, Channel Islands, and Mark now lives in Bristol, UK.
Colin likes cryptolects, Mark does too, and neither believe the Lizard Kings secretly rule the world. At all. Nope, absolutely not.
Comic book guy from Gdańsk, Poland. He draws. He writes. He can do a hand-stand. Amazing.

Dropped out of Academy of Fine Arts because he was too busy drawing comics. Made a couple of webcomics, also published "the Last Stop" about trams in Gdańsk. His webcomic "the Adventures of Stanley and Bad Leg" is in the middle of being published. Currently works on "the Fourwall Tales" - a comic book series set in a fantasy mixed with kitchen setting.

He likes people, but only from a distance. When not sleeping or eating, he draws. And does pretty much nothing else.